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How to subscribe

Castle Global Asset Allocation Fund is exclusive to clients and business partners of Castle Family Office. To subscribe, please approach your consultant/financial advisor/institution to set up an account. 

The process is as follows:

  1. Read and understand the terms of CGAAF and fulfill the pre-requisites.
  2. Approach your consultant/financial advisor/institution.
  3. Fill in the subscription form and provide us with the required documentation.
  4. Upon approval, arrange for your bank to release cash payment or assets transfer for the purchase of CGAAF units.
  5. Start using CGAAF, by issuing instructions completed with the investor’s signature or use Castle Trader.

PPLI Subscription - single option

This is the traditional model whereby the investor purchases a PPLI. The policy is held in the name of the investor directly.

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CGAAF Subscription - Option 1

This is the first possible option of subscribing to the CGAAF. The investor would be directly provided a digital copy of the contract note detailing the number of units the investor holds. In this model, the investor is the direct owner of this units as recorded in the Fund Administrator's register.

CGAAF Subscription - Option 2

The Fund only recognizes the name on the subscription form. Accordingly, for investor’s bank, it is possible to have the investor's bank/nominees (e.g. Credit Suisse Nominees) to subscribe to CGAAF on behalf of the investor. In such situation, the Fund Administrator records the bank/nominees as the owner of the units and the contract note will be provided to the bank/nominees.