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CGAAF Platform

Following the current trends and requirements in safety and convenience in technology, we have created a unique and innovative platform.

This platform is supported by an international team of highly qualified specialists who are constantly working to improve its system.

Unlike other web platforms, we have created a program that not only has a perfect system for storing, processing and transferring information but provides security right from the beginning when you download, install and access the platform


The platform has a modern ergonomic and user-friendly interface and has the following features:

  1. The platform analyzes the investment profile, the risk-rating of the actual portfolio and provides recommendations for optimizing the portfolio in accordance with the customer profile
  2. Doing work on the analysis of portfolios of assets and their dynamics and actions with them
  3. Documentations are digitalised.
  4. Reflects current information on the value of assets and allows you to track the news flow for selected assets
  5. The program also calculates and reflects indicative information on the possible amount of financing for the provision of existing assets
  6. It is a convenient secure environment for work and internal communication.

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