CGAAF benefits

We believe CGAAF is a unique global financial solution like no other. The development process was guided by industry experts and active traders, thus creating a solution that caters to investors of diverse backgrounds and needs.

Administration and support

World Class administration and support team – “Proposed 'Big 4' Auditor", established Fund Administrators, MAS-regulated Trustee and internationally renowned legal advisors


CGAAF can be denominated in a wide range of currencies – E.g. USD, EUR, GBP & SGD

Taxes & Feeds

Tax efficient structure

Fund size

No maximum limit on fund-size

Open architecture

CGAAF can accept and transact in a wide range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, mutual funds, alternative investments & other illiquid assets

Inheritance planning

Ease of ownership transfer facilitating estate planning – units of CGAAF can be transferred easily to your next generation, making the inheritance planning process smooth



Confidentiality of asset-ownership 



The investor has a say in his investment decisions.


The investor may redeem his investment, in part or in full, at any time.


Possible Perpetual term

CGAAF can transcend generations

Consolidation of assets

Investor can consolidate all assets in CGAAF in order to simplify management process and maximize efficiency

Provisions for Leveraging

CGAAF units can be collateralized for loans to the investor


Trading platform

Proprietary trading platform – Castle Trader, powered by Interactive Brokers

Convenient structure for management

Structure that resembles a Single-Family Office – CGAAF gives the investor the ability to manage diverse assets under the umbrella

Minimum investment amount

Low minimum entry size


No conflict of interest between investor’s existing custodian banks and CGAAF


Trustee Domicile

Trustee is registered in one of the most well-regulated financial jurisdiction

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